The Company is engaged in the wholesale trading of Gold Bullion, plain gold jewellery, gold coins, medallions etc. The company also plans to enter into the Manufacturing and exporting of gold jewellery.

The gold industry relies greatly on refiners whose gold bars are accepted by associations and exchanges as “good delivery” for the settlement of transactions. Metal fabncation involves converting raw metal sheet / coil / plate into an intermediate /semi -finished products through a series of processes including cutting, bending and assembling. Fabrication has emerged as one of the most preferred metal working process,and is used to manufacturing a wide range of products. Design / specifications of the product to be fabricated is provided by the customer, and a fabrication companies major focus is only on the operational part of executing the fabrication work as per the supplied designs.Depending upon the end product a wide range of metals — both common as well as exotic are used for fabrication. Metal products manufactured through fabrication are broadly divided into three . Industrial, Commercial, and Structural. Demand for fabrication of components used in heavy equipments depends on the level of capacity expansion happening in industrial sector. New projects in industrial sector which drives demand for capital goods is the major factor behind the growth of companies involved in fabrication of components used in heavy equipments. Among heavy equipment manufacturer's process plant equipment manufacturers is one of the major consumers of fabricated metal products.


Composite Autoclaves

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Vacuum Pressure Impregnation (VPI) Autoclaves